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The birth of a new baby and the release of a new book are similar. Especially, if you’ve had a two year gap between releases. How do I know, I’ve had three sons, and there was a gap of five years between my middle son and my last son. You’ve thrown out all your baby clothes, had a mind shift from babies to kindergarten and grade school. Now you’re right back into diapers, sleepless nights and spreading your time between school age kids and a newborn.

So, as you can see there’s somewhat of a correlation between having your books out there for years and adding a new release two years later. Those two years changed me. I almost lost my wife, my son had lung surgery and was in Intensive care for a while, my mom died, and I lost my wonderful little, Roo. All things that change a person. Those two years were the roughest of my life, making it harder to write, to focus, and to put out a book. You know that old adage – you’re only as good as your last book. With the plethora of new books published by the minute, there are no guarantees that even an established author of nine books will be welcomed back into the lesfic world.

Add to that, you have to reacquaint yourself with the new release mindset. You’re getting ready to let your new baby loose on the world and yet everything you did two years ago might may be irrelevant, especially if you haven’t stayed up on the changes to social media, publishing, and other things that might influence readers of your book. As both an author and publisher, I might have it a little easier as I’ve had my publisher hat on in between releases, but I’m also an author, so the butterflies never go away. Being out of the market eats at your self-confidence.  At least it did for me. I worry that readers won’t like my new baby. I worry that I’ve been out of the market too long and that there is such a huge selection of new author’s out there, I’ll get lost in the mix. I worry if I’ve grown in my craft enough that this book will be better, that there is depth in the characters and plot. I worry that reader’s will like it, even if it doesn’t have sex.

When someone asks me if I’m excited - I am, but I’m also realistic about lesfic. There are some awesome new books out there. I just hope mine can compete! Welcome to the world of self-doubt. Someone once told me, if you’re not scared every time you release a book, you’re not doing it “write.”