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  • Just got back from a conference in Palm Springs--the 5th Anniversary Left Coast Lesbian Literary Conference. In addition to a real abundance of wonderful meals, snacks, and some…adult beverages, we had interesting panels, presentations, and great readings.

  • We owe a lot to the genre of lesbian romance. At the Left Coast Lesbian Literary Conference, I heard a wonderful presentation by a career romance writer about the history of lesbian literature, and, obviously, romance novels played and continue to play a critical role. I wondered how many women out there quietly came to turns with who they are by reading those pages, perhaps from books delivered in plain, brown rappers. Romance is a genre to be respected and valued.

  • November 1st begins 30 days of Butt-in-Chair wordcrafting. I've entered every year except 2016. It's become a training exercise for the discipline of writing EVERY Damn Day.

  • Do you remember that scene in the Breakfast Club when Anthony Michael Hall’s character is writing the personal essay assigned by Mr. Vernon? Who am I? Who am I? I – am a walrus.

  • After this past September’s annual Banned Books Week, I’ve been thinking about the vulnerable position LGBTQ writers are increasingly finding themselves in. Recently, the Office for Intellectual Freedom (OIF) reported that half of the top ten books challenged in 2016 had LGBTQ themes. Five of the top ten books.

  • I smiled at the challenge. A ranger friend from Fort Union National Monument trusted my acting.  He wished me to play a career soldier, a corporal in the cavalry. He had faith I could convince others I was a different gender from a different age.