Author - Yvonne Heidt

Yvonne Heidt is a multiple award-winning author of paranormal and modern romance. She would love to tell you she lives in a haunted Victorian house overlooking the ocean where she spends the afternoons writing in the turret, and the evenings sipping wine with her wife while they watch gorgeous sunsets - but she currently lives in Texas with her beloved wife, four dogs, and a myriad of visiting ghosts.

Her debut novel, Sometime Yesterday, won the 2013 Golden Crown Literary Award for Best Paranormal Romance in addition to being a finalist in the 2013 Lambda Literary Awards. The Awakening: Book One in the Sisters of Spirits Trilogy, won the 2014 Golden Crown Literary award for Best Paranormal. The Quickening: Book Two was a GCLS finalist in 2015, and The Deadening: Book Three won the 2016 GCLS award for best Paranormal.