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Heidi Emerald Harrison


Heidi has always loved writing. At a very early age, she realized that words allowed for the exodus of her soul, a rhapsody, a sense of grace enveloping her.

While she has in her attic boxes and boxes of journals, pages and pages of thoughts and poems and reflections on life, her first true writing occurred in 1991, right after her grandmother died. She joined a lesbian writer's group which met every week for eight years.  She learned how vital it is for her write whilst sitting around that table, week after week, drinking herbal tea as the San Francisco fog enveloped them all. Since then, she has written three children's books, two novels, countless short stories and essays, creative non- fiction short pieces and a full-length memoir. She is in the process of writing her third novel which describes the story of a Japanese family trying to recover their dignity after being interned in a California concentration camp during World War II. Her fourth novel, which looks at family identity across different cultures, Aboriginal and Jewish, examines racism, exclusion, and conversely, a shared humanity between the hemispheres.

 One of her short fictional stories, “Across the World,” will be published in an upcoming anthology through Sapphire Books.  One of her short memoir pieces, “The Wild Horse” will be published in an upcoming publication through Shanti Arts, LLC, Still Point Arts Quarterly. Her latest novel, The Four Seasons will be published by Sapphire Books, coming out of its closet in the spring of 2018.

In each of these works, she is inspired by the beauty and power of words, by relationships, the diversity of cultures, the human heart, and by the earth we all live in. Originally from the San Francisco Bay Area, she now calls home the Pacific Northwest, where she stares at towering Western red cedars whilst tapping away on her computer, letting words envelop her as they come to life in the stories she tells.



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