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Time to Spread Our Wings

By Kayt Peck

We owe a lot to the genre of lesbian romance. At the Left Coast Lesbian Literary Conference, I heard a wonderful presentation by a career romance writer about the history of lesbian literature, and, obviously, romance novels played and continue to play a critical role. I wondered how many women out there quietly came to turns with who they are by reading those pages, perhaps from books delivered in plain, brown rappers. Romance is a genre to be respected and valued.

But, yes “but” I say, I am so proud to be an author for Sapphire Books. Sapphire furthers traditional lesbian romance while also providing an opportunity for lesbian writers to spread our wings, to prove the breadth and worth of lesbian talent and lesbian literature. After reading the synopsis for Eating Life by Beth Burnett, the latest Sapphire release, I’m eager to read a story with depth and complication both in plot and character development.

I recently read a post by a Facebook troll who claimed that most successful writers were White men because people of color and LGBTQ people simply did not have the intelligence or talent to be truly great writers. Thank you, Sapphire, for providing a publishing venue enabling the public to see works by motivated and talented lesbians who, by example, prove that particular jerk to be totally wrong.

Kayt Peck is the author of several books set in the southwest. Check out The Painting and the Pyramid coming in 2018