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Four of a Kind

Tess Whitcomb is a struggling artist who works a second job at The Sloop to pay her bills. Upon her aunt’s death, she is given a sealed envelope by her aunt's doctor and instructed to hand deliver it to N. Hamilton Esq., a maritime lawyer.


Neither one understands why Tess has been sent to her firm. The whole meeting is odd and confusing. The only thing that is clear to each of them is that there is a strong and immediate attraction between them. Tess leaves the office certain that they will never meet again.


A valuable necklace owned by Nikki’s deceased mother shows up in the most unexpected way and the truth about their entwined past is revealed. Nikki is intrigued by Tess but dismisses the meeting as ridiculous. She suspects that Tess is part of an office scheme by some of her staff trying to set her up on a date. Her heart was closed tight since the death of her beloved Jo.


Can these two women handle the truth? Can they accept that love can happen

anytime and anywhere?