Author - Mary M. Wright

Mary M. Wright (The M. stands for Mirocha, a Polish name she gave up when she married Mr. Wright.) is a writer from Minneapolis, MN. She now is thankfully married to a Mrs. Wright and uses Mirocha as her middle name.  In addition to having sexual identity issues early in life, Mary wasn’t sure whether she wanted to be a writer or a painter when she grew up. So she studied both at the University of Minnesota, but ultimately stepped over the line to the Fine Arts because they had better parties. Actually, the writers hardly had parties at all.

Mary joined a lesbian writers group in 2004 and in 2009, she began writing a memoir about her college year in France, which quickly morphed into fiction. Perhaps this is because Mary has trouble sticking to the facts, or maybe it’s just that making stuff up is more fun. This semi-autobiographical novel became The French Way. She has nearly finished another novel called Twin Helix, about magical Mexican-American twin girls who exchange places, not only in space but in time.

She lives in Minneapolis, MN with her wife Layne and their cat Big Boy, who talks, and thinks he’s a dog. When not writing, she works in her dog walking and home health businesses, or teaches creative writing at an adult day program or acrylic painting in her home.