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Finding Comfort in a Book

By Addison M. Conley

Every storyteller usually has some snippets of truth from their own life, and those around them weaved into their novel. As a tomboy growing up in Central Illinois, who wrote poetry and stories in secret, I never dreamed I’d ever be published. Those stories never survived because I was fearful that my family would find out and punish me more. In my adoptive family, the father was often in a drunken haze, dishing out his version of righteousness. And of course, there were a couple of heavy handed teachers who told me I wouldn’t amount to anything.

 We all have challenges. Some more than others. The take away from sharing my personal story – don’t give up. In the pages of books, we can find entertainment and comfort as we go through the plot twists and turns and experience the character’s emotions, downfalls, and triumphs. I also believe that our brain takes in the information and learns.

We may be happy that a character handles a situation as we would or pissed off that they didn’t address or solve an issue. The character’s personality traits may entice or push us away leaving us with myriad emotions. In the end, I would argue that it’s not time wasted. The very act of reading and the brain processing the info is a form of learning and growing as well as entertainment. And of course, who doesn’t like to daydream about a bad-ass woman?

My novel is a not just a romance, it’s about family, friends, and forgiveness. My characters also must overcome obstacles – conservative relatives and neighbors and the turmoil of the country’s politics – to achieve happiness. As crazy things swirl around us in real life, I hope you’ll give my book a try. Like the characters going through the roller coaster of ups and downs, I hope you find answers along the way and most of all, I wish you a happy ending.

Until next time, read something and enjoy.

Cheers, Addison

Addison M. Conley's debut novel, Falling for Love - A Winter Romance is available now for pre-order.